Modern Latvian and European cuisine




Greek salad with fresh vegetables, olives, Fitaki cheese and Vinegar sauce         5,20


Salad with flambeed salmon, fresh vegetables, white vinegar and olive oil dressing (D, G, J, N)                                                                                                                            6,90


Warm beef served salad with crispy potato chips and chili red wine sauce (J )    7,90


Classic Caesar salad: (H, B, L, J, K)

                         - with bacon                                                                                               5,80

                         - with chicken fillet                                                                                 6,80

                         - with tiger prawns                                                                                   7,80


Arugula salad with shrimp, sweet cherry tomatoes, creamy avocado, parmesan, olive oil and balsamic vinegar                                                                                        7,80



Baltic "sushi" (8 pieces): lightly salted herring, cottage cheese mousse, potatoes and blue onions (J, N, K)                                                                                                   4,50


“Peasant snack” black bread with seeds, lightly salted herring, lard, greens, pickled cucumbers (G, N, J, B)                                                                                                       4,50


Salmon tartar with sesame oil, capers, shallots and chili (N, J, E, B)                      7,80


Latvian beef tartare with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, shallot onions and quail egg yolk (D, J, B)                                                                                                                9,80


Latvian beef carpaccio with truffle oil and Ieva’s hard cheese (J, K, B)                   9,90


Duck paté with cranberries, bread rolls, Nameco salad with onions and homemade sunflower oil (B, J, E)                                                                                                        7,70


Lightly salted mackerel with blue onions, sour cream - potato mousse and green apple (N, K, J)                                                                                                                     5,60


Latvian sweet and sour bread crackers (8pcs) with grey pea and bacon hummus (B, D, J)                                                                                                                                      5,00


Snacks for 1-2 persons

Latvian snack: dried Latvian ham, olives, hard Ieva’s cheese, breadsticks, dried tomatoes, artichokes, pickled Nameco (E, J, G, B)                                                     11,00


Smoked meat from Latvian producers with pickled vegetables and root vegetable chips (F)                                                                                                                            12,00

 Latvian cheese selection (K, E, B)                                                                                11,00

Fish selection - salted salmon, crunchy breaded fish fillet, breaded tiger prawns, assorted herring, crispy squid (N, L)                                                                           15,00


Finger Food


Sauces: garlic/sweet chili/mustard-honey/BBQ/cowberry


”Rice chicken pops” 12pcs (J, B)                                                                                     5,20

Grilled Brie cheese (8pcs) - recommended with cowberry sauce (B, J, K)              6,10


Spicy, crispy chicken wings (8 pcs/12 pcs/16pcs) (K, J)                       6,20/9,00/12,00

Crispy tempura baby squids (12pcs) (K, D, B, J)                                                           6,80

Tempura tiger prawns (8pcs) (B, J, L)                                                                            8,20


Warm appetizers


Mussels (500gr) in a cream and white wine sauce with French fries (A, J, K, B) 10,80


Mussels (500gr) in tomato sauce with French fries (A, J, B)                                   10,80


Mussels (500gr) in beer tomato sauce with French fries (A, J, B)                          10,80


Fried Camembert cheese with with rosemary, Ciabatta toast and raspberry jam (B, J, K)                                                                                                                                      8,50


Latvian style Potato pancakes with: (B, J, K, N, G)

     - sour cream and cowberry sauce                                                                            5,80

     - bacon                                                                                                                           6,50

     - lightly salted salmon                                                                                                 7,40


“Baltic pizza” - tortilla with Latvian bacon, leek, cheese, Aioli sauce, Cherry tomatoes and oregano (B, J, G, M, K, F, D)                                                                     6,00


Pasta and dumplings


Roe deer meat dumplings (25 pcs) with sour cream and mustard (B, D, J, K)       8,50


Pasta “In a fleet style” with beef fillet, boletus and “Ieva’s” cheese                         6,00


Pasta with Latvian bacon, egg yolk and “Ieva’s” cheese (B, D, J, K)                          6,00


Pasta with salmon, green beans, broccoli and “Ieva’s” cheese (K, B, D, J. N)         7,50




Spicy beef goulash soup with vegetables (J, F)                                                           6,00


Tomato cream soup with fresh basil sauce and Ciabatta toast (J, B)                       5,50


Latvian sailors fish soup with vodka "Piparu rūgtais" (N, J, B)                                  6,00


Clear broth from free-range chicken with pasta and vegetables (J, B)                   5,50


Soup of the day                                                                                                                  4,00




Vegetarian mushroom burger "Balsamic Portobello" with portobello, avocado, Fitaki cheese, French fries and ketchup (B, J, K, G, F, D)                                                       8,50

"Corrida" beef burger with bacon, onion marmalade, avocado and smoked cheese, French fries and ketchup (B, J, K, D)                                                                              8,90

Salmon burger with black bun, avocado, fresh cucumber, mayonnaise-wasabi sauce, French fries and ketchup (B, J, K, H)                                                                 8,90

"Hunter’s" -burger with venison, black burger bun, cowberry sauce, pickled cucumber, onion marmalade, French fries and ketchup ( B, J, H, K, D, G)               8,90


"Taco" burger - tortilla, turkey BBQ, cabbage salad, corn, tomato Salsa, cheese, French fries and ketchup (B, J, K, D, G)                                                                          8,50


OMG Chicken Burger - chicken thigh, blue onion, Remoulade sauce, fried egg, tomatoes, Cheddar cheese, French Fries and ketchup (B, J, D, G, K)                       8,50




Venison sausage (150gr/ 300gr), baked young potatoes, stewed cabbage with mustard and BBQ sauce (J, H, B)                                                                       9,00/ 13,20


Pork sausages "Nuremberg" (200gr) with baked young potatoes, stewed cabbage, mustard and BBQ sauce (J, H, B)                                                                                    7,50

Lamb sausages (250gr) with baked young potatoes, stewed cabbage with mustard and BBQ sauce (J, H, B)                                                                                                  11,80


Young beef sausages (250gr) with baked young potatoes, stewed cabbage with mustard and BBQ sauce (J, H, B)                                                                                    8,90


Spicy sausages "Chorizo" (200gr) with baked young potatoes, stewed cabbage with mustard and BBQ sauce (J, H, B)                                                                                    7,80


Meat dishes


Duck “Confit” with warm pearl barley, Brussel sprouts, broccolini, walnuts and orange sauce (J, E)                                                                                                          11,80


Roasted lamb shank with warm vegetable salad, fresh cilantro dressing with garlic, grilled corn and crispy onion rings (J, B, D, E)                                                           13,80


"Ribeye" steak (350gr) grilled with Portobello mushroom, fried cherry tomatoes, light pepper sauce and French fries (J, K, B, F)                                                         19,80


Fillet-mignon (200g) from Latvian farm beef, backed potatoes, and black currant sauce (J, K)                                                                                                                       18,90


Berliner Beef liver with apples, crispy onion rings and mashed potatoes (B, J, D)                                                                                                                                          6,90


“Riga`s” pork schnitzel with mustard, BBQ sauce and fresh tomato and sour cream salad (B, J, K, D, H)                                                                                                          10,20


Slightly smoked pork ribs (550gr) in BBQ sauce with cabbage Coleslaw salad and root vegetable chips (B, K, H, F)                                                                                    11,80

Beer stewed beef, mashed potatoes and small onions in balsamic marinade (J, K, F)                                                                                                                                        10,60


Plum glazed chicken (400g) with Ponzu and quinoa with avocado, fresh tomatoes and greens (J)                                                                                                                    8,50


Pork chop (400g), baked cumin root vegetables and apple Mustard (J, F, H)       10,60




Baked salmon fillet with sweet potato puree, sesame sauce and beaten cucumbers with mint and pine nuts (N, J, G, E)                                                                              12,00

Baked Fresh Rainbow Trout with vegetables and dill oil (N, J)                                 9,90

Mackerel fillet with roasted roman salad, grill vegetables and mustard seed sauce (N, J, H)                                                                                                                                7,50

Pike perch fillet with steamed vegetables and cream citron sauce with capers (N, J, K, B)                                                                                                                                   12,80

”Fish&Chips” white fish fillet in beer dough with sweet potato fries and Remoulade sauce (N, J, B, K, D, H)                                                                                                       7,50


Fried flatfish warm young potato salad, fresh cucumber, sweet peas in cream with dill (N, B, J, K)                                                                                                                     9,90


French fries (250gr)                                                                                                          3,50

Sweet potato fries (200gr)                                                                                               3,50


Seasonal vegetables (200gr)                                                                                           3,50

Mashed potatoes (250gr)                                                                                                 3,50

Grilled vegetables (250gr)                                                                                               4,00

Bread selection                                                                                                                  2,00

Sauce - ketchup / mayonnaise / honey mustard / BBQ / cowberry / sweet chili  1,00




Carrot caramel cake (J, K, D, E, B, C, G, M)                                                                    5,50

Belgian waffle with homemade vanilla ice cream  and berries (J, K, D, E, B, C, G, M)



Honey cake (J, K, D, E, B, C, G, M)                                                                                    4,20

Chocolate dessert “Blezir” with prunes and black coconut ice cream (recommended for cherry beer) (J, K, D, E, B, C, G, M)                                                                            5,50


Tyrolean apple strudel with vanilla sauce and ice cream (J, K, D, E, B, C, G, M)     4,90