Zīmogu Krāšņās 14inches Afro Kinky Cirtaini Parūka Ar Bangs Sintētisko Garo Parūkas Melnās Sievietes Raksturu, karstumizturīgs Melna Parūka

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SKU: #w21926

Pieejamība: Pieejams

Stāvoklis: Jauns


  • Klp Izmēra: Vidējais Lielums
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Zīmogu Krāšņās
  • Vienumi, Iepakojumā: Tikai 1 Gab.
  • Materiāls Pakāpe: Augstas Temperatūras Šķiedras
  • Tekstūra: Kinky Cirtaini
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Iezīme: Ikdienas Lietošanai
  • Parūkas Garums: ilgi
  • Modelis: WL9192
  • Var Permed: Jā

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Cool wig for thematic parties, cosplay, animator and just to change the image. All questions about the product can be asked to me in the Internet @ _ pro_style _, there you will find a photo, video and detailed feedback
G Chkhikvadze
Cool wig! Quality is good! The material is high temperature fiber. The basis of the wig is an elastic cap made of lace material, thanks to which the scalp breathes. On the edge of the cap on two sides is sewn an elastic band that promotes better head relief. There are two plastic hooks on the elastic bands to adjust the size. In front of the center in the head of the wig is sewn a special metal scallop for a more durable fastening. The wig model is curly hair (Afro). Length-about 36 cm. The hair is thick. Curls are very small, elastic. When pulling a curl, it takes the same shape without problems. The wig is easy to put on and well fixed. Complete with the wig is a special mesh, with which you can easily remove your hair and without problems put on a wig. There are recommendations in pictures, how to correctly do it.
The wig came very quickly. There were also gifts from the seller. Thank you. I liked everything.