Kksky Vīriešu Ziemas Parkas Kapuci Modes Vīriešu Siltās Jakas un Mēteļi Bieza -20℃ Jaka Jaunu Gadījuma Hoodied Outwear Vīriešu Apģērbu 5xl

€48.58 €21.86

Pievienot grozam

SKU: #w22427

Pieejamība: Pieejams

Stāvoklis: Jauns


  • Biezums: Bieza (Ziemas)
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Slēgšanas Tips: rāvējslēdzēju
  • Apkakle: STĀVĒT
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Atvāžamā Daļa: Noņemamas Apkakles
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: KKSKY
  • Oderes Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Svars: 0.8kg
  • Uzpildes: Kokvilnas
  • Piedurknes Stils: Regulāri
  • Apģērba Garums: Regulāri
  • Veids: Regulāri
  • Stils: Ikdienas
  • Modeļa Numurs: parkas mēteļi, vīriešu,vīriešu jaka,ziemas mētelis
  • Dzimums: VĪRIEŠI
  • Apdare: Vai loksnes citādiem saklātņiem
  • Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Kapuci: No
  • Auduma Veids: Broadcloth


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The jacket seems good. Let's see how it will be worn. The material is really thin, but the time will show how much it is noskaya. Was pleasantly surprised by the headphones sewn into the collar, although they did not provide where to get the plug to connect to the smartphone, either trim the lining, or through the collar cord pull out. With the size guessed, really need to take three sizes larger than European. In general, while the jacket is satisfied if you do not consider delivery by our Russian mail. Customs took place on December 5 in Moscow, and Peter came after December 20. Apparently, our mail was dining in relation to transport, carried on foot probably, according to the calculations it goes out.
Alenaa 14
In appearance is excellent, the filler is voluminous, Lightning metal, with protection, the hood is unfastened, the color is dark blue, almost Black, the seams are even, everything is stitched. Included earphone
Ozlem Erdogan58
The jacket does not correspond to the description, it is only for autumn.
5HL on the rose. 50-52 just. Color burgundy-brick. Up to-15 heat